Baek's Tiger Martial Arts is awesome! My son attends 1 class per week. Since starting this program, my son (6yrs) has gained more self confidence, more patience, and a love of Martial Arts. The challenges to obtain a higher belt not only include the skills they learn in class, but a survey from parents about how they are doing at home and at school! I can tell everyone who works there loves what they do. They have a very unique ability to be strict and be respected, while also have fun with the kids and win their adoration. The class sizes are small and they have a small group of teachers who are very familiar with each child's individual progress. My son loves coming to class, loves testing for the next belt, and loves the belt ceremonies. I'm so happy we (my husband) discovered Baek's. My son has his sights set on the black belt...so we'll be attending for quite some time☺️
Michelle Rivera
When my kids and I visited there for their Taekwondo lesson, the teacher was very nice and professional. My husband wasn't familiar with Taekwondo, but I was experienced when I was at young age. It really helped my physical and mental control. My kids are excited for thier next lesson. I wish my kids to grow healthy and gave a good attitude to control thier emotion and minds.
Amy Gwon
This is the best place I have ever been in it taught me self control and respect I also got stronger and protected myself against anyone who tried to fight me.. my skills are still improving as I take classes. I really suggest going to this place it is the best place for your child to learn respect
Diana Yu
My 2 kids love to go Baek’s Tiger Martial Arts Academy! They have more self confidence and eat better than before. Teachers are dedicated and kind. It's great place for physical and mental training. Highly recommend this Taekwondo Gym!
Tina K
Highly recommend Baek’s Tiger Martial Arts. My nephew and niece take taekwondo classes 1-2 times a week. The teachers cared for the students and communicated with parents and guardians thoroughly about safety, while keeping the lessons fun and engaging. Thankful for the instructors and staffs here for providing a great martial arts experience for my family.
Dorothy Li
My son learned from here. Very nice place and good teachers. Whenever my son went there he was always happy to learn it. He could be strong boy and become brave person. And he could have more confidence. Thank you all~
Isabel Yoo
great school with people that care my daughter was 5 years old when she started she had no skills of any kind and now she just turned 6 she has her yellow belt and works hard they helped improve her sense of responsibility and discipline. she is excited every time she has to go to class. they are very good and taking time with kids to help them be the best they can be while building confidence.
Thomas hayes
I started taking classes at Baek's Tiger Martial Arts in 2008 and have continued to take classes here. I love this school and I have learned so much. Taking classes here has helped me to increase my confidence, helped me stay fit, and this school is excellent! When I first started taking classes, I was very shy and hardly did not say a word. Now, I don't feel shy anymore and have made many friends in the process. I highly recommend taking classes here 🙂
Prema Malhotra
I learned Taekwondo from s. korea. Since I moved to here, US, I looked around a lot of taekwondo schools. Finally, I found Baek's tiger martial art and am very satisfied with this school now. They teach every students individually, just like priviate lesson. Also, teacher are very kind and they have passion for teaching. I highly recommed this school B.T.M.A . This shcool is the best!