Our Mission

Together We Can Make a Difference!


Provide the highest quality martial arts instruction


Empower our students with valuable skills for daily life


Contribute to a safe and peaceful community

Kids Reach New Heights

Baek’s Tiger Martial Arts specializes in working with children. Classes are divided by age and skill to provide the best possible match ofteaching style to students’ needs. All children are taught at their own pace to develop their maximum potential.

Kids Reach New Heights

Develop self confidence and a never-give-up attitude
Improve self discipline for better behavior at home
Sharpen listening skills for improved grades
Enhance strength, coordination, and athletic ability
Have tons of fun in classes, training camps, tournaments, demonstrations, and other special events

Adults Gain a Healthy Body and Peace of Mind

Grandmaster Baek offers adults a comprehensive
fitness program with the added benefit of self
defense skills and overall self improvement.

Adult Students Enjoy:

❖ Improved endurance, flexibility, and strength
❖ A healthy and fun option for stress relief
❖ Positive relationships with enthusiastic and
motivated people
❖ Greater variety than traditional exercise programs
❖ Self defense skills and awareness for greater personal security

Families Grow Closer Together

Because of today’s hectic schedules, many parents are looking for activities that allow the entire family to spend time together. A unique opportunity at Baek’s Tiger Martial Arts offers the chance to learn martial arts together. Adult classes start from age 11 and up. This may give you the opportunity to

train side by side with your child. If your child is under the age of 12, you will be able to practice with your child at home.

Train Together and Benefit From:

❖ A common interest that everyone can share in and look forward to

❖ Greater respect between family members

❖ An exercise program everyone can do together

❖  Meeting other positive, health-oriented families

Literally translated, the Korean word TAE means to “kick with the foot.” The word KWON implies “a hand or fist to block, punch, or strike.” The word DO means an “art” or “way.” Therefore, Tae Kwon Do means “the art of kicking, blocking, and punching.” You will learn, however, that Tae

Kwon Do is not merely a physical fighting skill; it is also a way of thought and life.


Through disciplined training, Tae Kwon Do improves both the mind and body, placing great emphasis on the development of personal character. Students are taught that self control, self discipline, kindness, and honesty must accompany their increased physical strength and ability.